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Galerie Copper 

For 2015, Town Hall Arts plans to expand its supplies, framing, and classes, and will be downsizing Galerie Copper a bit.  We still plan to feature artists in the gallery in the future, but not on a monthly basis.  I am happy to say that there is so much talent up here in the foothills that we have featured a different artist each month for five years with no repeats!


Atelier Copper
Classes starting Oct. 5th, 2015
Occasionally scheduled class days or times will change, so please check this website regularly.
Please sign up for classes with Larry
or phone the gallery @ 209-785-2050
 A deposit is required to hold your place in most classes.
Monday afternoons, Oct. 5 to 26 • 1 pm – 4 pm
Oil Painting with George Allen Durkee

George Allen Durkee is a San Francisco street artist turned Northern California landscape painter. He has been a contributing writer for The Artist’s Magazine and American Artist and is author of Expressive Oil Painting - An Open Air Approach to Creative Landscapes (North Light 2009) as well as two instructional videos.

During this oil painting workshop you can get plenty of one-on-one help. George will not only show you the how of painting, but also will explain why, and then help you learn by doing. You’ll receive personal coaching tailored to your current level of development and the painting goals you have set for yourself. To make the most of this workshop, you need some painting experience, but you don’t need to be an expert. You will need a minimum level of drawing skill. We will work from photos provided by George.

Cost of four-session workshop is $150.    $50 deposit will hold your place.

Open Paint Wednesdays
Wednesday, October 7 • starting at 10 am
Open Painting with Optional Watercolor Rose Doorway

Follow easy instructional handout with Margo and Alice and create this beautiful watercolor doorway.  Cost of Open Paint Wednesdays is $5, which may be applied toward any purchase that day at Town Hall Arts.
Life Drawing
Thursdays - Oct. 8, 22 • 9:30 am to 12:30 pm
Life Drawing with George Allen Durkee of Mountain Ranch

Want to improve your drawing skills? Draw from a live nude model on Thursday mornings. No experience needed.  Limited instruction if you want it, or George will stay out of your face if you don’t. Materials available at Town Hall Arts. You will need an 18x24 newsprint pad and drawing pencils (charcoal or graphite – 4B and/or 6B).  Cost for session is $15.
A Day with Carol
Friday, October 9 • 9 am to 4 pm

Carol Earle of Oakdale

Watercolor in the Morning 9 am to noon 

Carol will furnish paint and brushes. Cost is $25.
Oil in the Afternoon 1 pm to 4 pm 

Bring a blank 16x20 canvas. Carol supplies everything else. 

Class cost is $25.

Open Paint Wednesdays
Wednesday, October 14 • starting at 10 am
Composing Landscapes in Pastel

Every good painting begins with a dynamic composition.  Learn several ways to create a visual path to lead the viewer’s eye in and around the painting.  Bring whatever pastel supplies you have and sanded pastel paper (available from Larry).  We will first tone the paper with a diluted wash of ochre acrylic (provided). Cost of Open Paint Wednesdays is $5, which may be applied toward any purchase that day at Town Hall Arts.
Life Drawing
Thursday, October 15 • 9:30 am to 12:30 pm 
Constructing the Figure with Maggie Sloan of Murphys

Maggie will show you the basics of constructing the figure in life drawing.
Cost of session is $20.
TGIF Friday Afternoon Oil Paint-In
Friday, October 16, 1 pm to 4 pm paint,
          followed by optional dinner at  Saddle Creek Resort
Not always the First Friday anymore! 

This is your chance to finish those stacks of half-painted canvases in your closet!  Larry will set up easels and we will paint starting at 1 pm with Happy Hour Critique in the studio at 4 pm, followed by an optional dinner at Saddle Creek Resort.  Please let Larry know by the Wednesday before if you are coming.  Non-painting spouses welcome to join in the TGIF optional dinner. 

Cost of the TGIF painting afternoon is $10, which may be applied toward any purchase at Town Hall Arts that day.
Pastels—Saturday with Tina
Saturday, October 17 • 10 am to 4 pm  
Pastels with Tina Moore of Stockton

A pastel workshop to help you get the most out of the wonderful medium of pastels will be offered by award-winning artist/instructor Tina Moore.  Tina is a Distinguished Pastellist with the Pastel Society of the West Coast and a Signature member of the Pastel Society of America, the Women Artists of the West and the Sierra Pastel Society.  Learn to put life, depth, and drama in your pastel paintings.  Both experienced pastel painters and those new to the medium will be able to make a beautiful painting with plenty of one-on-one instruction.  Participants can make their own choices regarding subject matter.  The principles apply whether you are painting a portrait, landscape, or anything else.   Bring a photo to draw or still life to set up.  Supply list available from Larry at Town Hall Arts, 785-2050,  Cost of class is $25.
Open Paint Wednesdays
Wednesday, October 21 • starting at 10 am 
Analyzing Form on Toned Paper

Learn how to analyze the shapes of shadows and their edges and to record them in terms of value.  You will use two pencils with toned paper to shape the shadows that fall across a form.  Supplies include Conte Sanguine XVIIIe 013 Sketching Pencil, white sketching pencil, Strathmore Velvet Gray Charcoal Paper or Strathmore Toned Tan Sketching Notebook, X-acto knife, sanding pad, kneaded eraser.  You will be given a handout to follow.  Cost of Open Paint Wednesdays is $5, which may be applied toward any purchase that day at Town Hall Arts.
Americana Acrylics
Friday, October 23 • 1-4 pm

Orioles with Carol Earle of Oakdale

Colors for this activity are Lamp Black, Hauser Medium Green, Georgia Clay, Pansy Lavender, Russet, Forest Green, Snow White, Orange Twist, and Yellow Light. 

Cost of class is $25
Kids’ Klub
Saturday, October 24, 10:30 am to noon
October Shoe print Art with Susie

Step into drawing with Shoe print Art!  We will use watercolor, markers, crayons and your shoe to create some exciting October creatures.   Supplies are provided.  Cost of Kids’ Klub (for ages 17 and under) is $5, which may be applied to any purchase at Town Hall Arts that day…like a great mat for your artwork!  Class is limited to 8, so sign up with Larry now.  $5 deposit required at sign-up.

Open Paint Wednesdays
Wednesday, October 28 • starting at 10 am 
Open Painting with Optional Creative Doodling

Before there was zentangling, there was creative doodling. Learn the basics of schwoopies and shapes and design your own holiday notecards. Bring any colored pens you have in different tip widths, colored pencils, and metallic markers. Clear glue and glitter can also be added to your cards. Larry has three sizes of mixed-media cards that may be used for this activity.

Cost of Open Paint Wednesdays is $5, which may be applied toward any purchase that day at Town Hall Arts.
Structure of the Head
Thursday and Friday   October 29, 30 • 10 am to 3 pm
Structure of the Head with Peggi-Kroll Roberts of Angels Camp

Bring 8x10 photos (Xerox copy) of heads, each in both color and black and white. Peggi was an illustrator for 17 years before transitioning into fine arts. She has been a professional fine artist for 25 years. 

Supplies for this class include Graham Gouache paint in these colors:  Cad Yellow Light, Cad Yellow, Cad Red Lt., Cad Red, Viridian, Sap Green, and Phthalo Blue, also Titanium White and Ivory or Lamp Black in large tubes if you plan to continue with gouache, or you may use any other water media paint—acrylic or watercolor.  Other supplies include a 2B pencil, Staedtler or Magic Rub eraser, San Francisco Slant Palette, Bee Super Deluxe Sketch Book 8x8 or smaller, Strathmore drawing paper 8x10 or smaller.  Recommended brushes are Windsor-Newtown 1/2” and 1/4” One Stroke sable flats and Royal #10 Majestic Filbert.

This class is limited to 10 students, so leave a $50 deposit with Larry now to hold your place.  Cost of two-day class is $100.
Monday afternoons, Nov. 3-23 • 1 pm – 4 pm
Oil Painting with Judie Cain

Focus will be on color and other fundamentals.

Cost of four-session workshop is $150. 
A $50 deposit will hold your place.
Open Paint Wednesdays
Wednesday, Nov 4th • starting at 10 am
Big Art -- Small Canvas
 Establishing Depth with Value & Intensity

Where there is a plane change, there should be a color change.  Learn how to use value, intensity and temperature to create the illusion of depth and space in a mini (3” x 4”) oil painting.  Mini canvases and easels are available for sale at THA.  Bring your usual oil or acrylic supplies.  Size 1 and 2 filberts are helpful in mini landscape paintings. You will be given a handout to follow.  Cost of Open Paint Wednesdays is $5, which may be applied toward any purchase that day at Town Hall Arts.
Thursday and Friday, November 5, 6 • 10 am to 3 pm
Watercolor Animals on Japanese Masa Paper with Martha Wallace

Experience watercolor on this unique Japanese paper in a two-day workshop with well-known foothill watercolor teacher Martha Wallace of Avery.  You may need beginning-intermediate level of drawing and watercolor experience to make the most of this workshop.  Cost of two-day class is $100.  You will need to provide your own paper and Yes glue (available for purchase.)

Supply List:
WATERCOLORS: Martha uses Daniel Smith watercolors, but any good quality w/c are fine. Colors are as follows: aureolin, cobalt blue, indathrone, new gamboge, organic vermillion, quinacridone pink, quinacridone sienna, rose of ultramarine, quinacridone coral, quinacridone gold, ultramarine turquoise, and ultramarine blue.

BRUSHES:  Martha uses good synthetic bushes. Recommended sizes: 1” and or 2” flat brush, rounds #6, #8, #12, brush, #3 rigger, #2 fan brush.

PALETTE: John Pike watercolor palette or any that you may have with a large mixing area

PAPER: 140 lb. Arches cold press w/c paper full sheet, 2 full sheets masa paper.  

MISCELLANEOUS STUFF: Drawing pencils, eraser, sketch tablet, drawing board, archival glue (Yes Glue diluted 2/3 glue to 1/3 water), small brayer or rolling pin, roll of paper towels.

SUBJECT MATTER: Animals. Bring photos or use Martha’s.

Open Paint Wednesdays
Wednesday, November 11 • starting at 11 am
Open Painting with Optional Nine-Year-Old Portrait Study

Learn alignment of features on a nine-year-old’s head.  For the drawing exercise, you will use a 2B or softer pencil, Magic Rub eraser, ruler, and drawing paper. Bring a photo of a child this age, if you have one, to do a painting in the medium of your choice. Handouts of instructions will be available.

Cost of Open Paint Wednesdays is $5, which may be applied toward any purchase that day at Town Hall Arts.
Open Paint Wednesdays
Wednesday, November 18 • starting at 10 am
Open Painting with Optional “Using an Acrylic Under-painting with Watercolor”

Using both brush and single-edged razor blade, you will start with acrylics, painting the trees and structures on watercolor paper. After this dries, you will add large wet washes of watercolor in the sky and foreground snow. You will need good watercolor paper, pencil, single-edged razor blade, and black India ink. Suggested acrylic palette: burnt sienna and cobalt blue.  Watercolor palette: cobalt blue, burnt sienna, sap green, raw sienna. 

Cost of Open Paint Wednesdays is $5, which may be applied toward any purchase that day at Town Hall Arts.
Open Paint Wednesdays
Wednesday, December 2  • starting at 10 am
Open Painting with Optional “Paint Distance in Acrylic”

Knowing how to create a sense of distance in your painting is very important, as a feeling of depth can draw the viewer into a painting. Learn how to use perspective, tone, and color temperature to create distance. Bring your own photo or work from example.

Cost of Open Paint Wednesdays is $5, which may be applied toward any purchase that day at Town Hall Arts.

Copper Bob by Susie Hoffman
This rotating exhibit will open at Ironstone Winery on Jan. 16th, 2016 and run through Feb. 16th. Hotel Sutter in Amador County will host the show next, beginning Feb. 20th. The exhibit wraps up in Tuolumne County, opening March 19 and concluding mid-April. There will be an Artist Reception and celebration at each venue, open to the public. 


The fires have brought devastation to our wildlife population and habitats.  In addition, hundreds of domestic and stock animals were rescued, cared for, sheltered and returned to their owners.  Through art, our goal is to raise awareness of these agencies and organizations that advocate for the welfare our diverse animal communities, year round as well as in emergencies.

ARTISTS from Calaveras, Tuolumne and Amador Counties are invited to enter the “AnimalScapes” Art Show.  This is a juried show, open to 2D and 3D (plus poetry) artists. There are cash awards in each juried discipline, and 2 inspirational Field Trips; a wildlife and habitat guided tour hosted by CDFW on Oct. 16th, and an on-site tour at the PAWS animal sanctuary on Oct. 23rd, both complimentary, with transportation provided.

“AnimalScapes” of the Sierra Nevada Foothills is the result of a “Creative California Communities” state grant awarded to the Calaveras County Arts Council.  Our partners are the Tuolumne and Amador County Arts Councils, the Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), and the California Department of Fish & Wildlife (CDFW).   Numerous regional animal rescues and advocacy groups will benefit from the exposure received through this Art Event.

Visit the Calaveras Arts Council website at, and if you have further questions contact Project Coordinator Sandra Peterson at
Watercolor Workshop -- Nine Days in Ireland!
SAVE these dates : May 31 –  June 9, 2016
includes four full days of instruction with renown Ireland Water colorist Grahame Booth

Sign up with Larry now!  Cost is $1250 if reservation is made with $500 deposit* by December 31.After that, cost will be $1450.  Air transportation from and to USA not included in this price, but we are working on a group transportation package. Also, please include at least an extra day at each end of the workshop for travel time.

Your $1250 workshop fee includes:
Transport to Burren Painting Centre, Lisdoonvarna, from and to Shannon Airport.
Transport locally to painting locations and Dunguire Banquet, Kinvara.
Six evening meals are included, one of them a Medieval Banquet at Dunguire Castle. Other evenings are left free so that people can opt for different restaurants in the area.
Nine breakfasts.  No lunches are included. Pub lunches or cafes are available at the majority of painting locations. The two delis in Lisdoonvarna make up fresh sandwiches for those that prefer that option.
The use of the art studio facilities for nine days and tuition by Grahame Booth from 9.30 a.m. – 4.30 p.m. for four days is included.
Unpack just once for nine days and nine nights in Ireland!

Tuesday 31st May --Arrival at Shannon Airport. Transfer to The Burren Painting Centre, Lisdoonvarna. Settle in to accommodation at O’Neills B&B or Caherleigh.
Introduction in the art studio at O’Neills. Short walk around the town with Chris O’Neill. Visit to the Burren Smokehouse.  Dinner.

Wednesday 1st June – Visit the Burren Centre in Kilfenora, Dysart O’Dea Castle,
Mullaghmore Mountain in the Burren. Dinner.

Thursday 2nd June – Transfer to Doolin Harbour. Ferry to the island of Inisheer. Painting and Sketching. Return to Doolin. Meeting the tutor, Grahame Booth.         Dinner free choice.

Friday 3rd June. Meet in the studio. Painting in Ballyvaughan at the harbour.  Return to Lisdoonvarna via the 5,000 year old Poulnabrone Dolmen. Dinner.

Saturday 4th June. Meet in the studio. Painting Lisdoonvarna townscapes and in the grounds of the Spa Wells. Dinner Free Choice.

Sunday 5th June. Meet in the studio. Painting in Liscannor and return via Cliffs of Moher. Dinner.

Monday 6th June. Meet in the studio. Painting streetscapes in Ennistymon and the cascades on the river Aille. Critique in the studio. Dinner Free Choice.

Tuesday 7th June. A visit to Corcomroe Abbey, The Flaggy shore, and Linnanes pub.
An afternoon of painting in Kinvara, town and harbour. Medieval Banquet at Dunguire Castle. Return to Lisdoonvarna.

Wednesday 8th June. A morning in Kilfenora painting the high crosses during the afternoon. Finishing paintings in the studio and end of trip exhibition. Dinner.

Thursday 9th June. Depart for Shannon Airport.

*Prices based on people sharing a twin or double room en suite. Some small single rooms are available. We are planning the trip for 10-15 artists. We need a minimum of ten artists. The art studio will accommodate 15 artists.

The non-refundable deposit of $500 will hold your space. Deposits accepted by check or money order payable to Town Hall Arts. The deposit will only be returned if entire workshop is canceled or trip fills and your spot sells.