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    Carol Earle's picture for watercolor painting May 8 included.

    Fifth Annual Art, Wine, and Jazz Festival set for June 20.

PLEASE scroll down for descriptions and requirements for all classes currently offered.
Galerie Copper 

For 2015, Town Hall Arts plans to expand its supplies, framing, and classes, and will be downsizing Galerie Copper a bit.  We still plan to feature artists in the gallery in the future, but not on a monthly basis.  I am happy to say that there is so much talent up here in the foothills that we have featured a different artist each month for five years with no repeats!


Atelier Copper
Classes starting May 4th, 2015
Occasionally scheduled class days or times will change, so please check this website regularly.
Please sign up for classes with Larry
or phone the gallery @ 209-785-2050
 A deposit is required to hold your place in most classes.
Submit art online April 13- June 13

We are rapidly approaching Art Auction Season for KVIE again, although the actual live broadcast is not until September 18-20. Individual on-line submissions are accepted April 13 – June 13, at

You may state on your entry that you are affiliated with Town Hall Arts/Galerie Copper. Six paintings will be selected to represent the gallery in the Town Hall Arts segment of the broadcast, but other accepted pieces may also auctioned throughout the three-day period. Donated paintings must be at least 16 x 20 inches. You will be notified by e-mail by June 15 if your artwork is accepted for auction on TV.

Last year, Galerie Copper was represented by Judie Cain, Alvin Joe, Dorothy Babinsky, M. J. St. Claire, Ruth Morrow, and Susie Hoffman. M.J. received the California Gold Award for her painting of Half Dome, and Judie did a fabulous job as our gallery expert on public television. We all had great fun watching the auction on TV and hope you will consider donating a piece to this worthy cause.
Open Paint Wednesdays
Wednesday, May 6 • starting at 10 am
Open Painting with Value and Form on Toned Paper

Learn how to use two pencils and toned paper to create a four-value portrait. Supplies include Conte Sanguine XVIIIe 013 Sketching Pencil, white sketching pencil, Strathmore Velvet Gray Charcoal Paper or Strathmore Toned Tan Sketching Notebook, X-acto knife, sanding pad, kneaded eraser. You will be given a handout to follow.

Cost of Open Paint Wednesdays is $5, which may be applied toward any purchase that day at Town Hall Arts.

Expressions in Oil with Diana Boyd of Sonora

Expressions in Oil with Diana Boyd of Sonora

Tried and true right brain methods have made this oil painting class fun and popular. Classes include instruction in painting from upside-down photos, right-side-up still lifes, and timed pieces, using a variety of grounds.  Diana's style both on canvas and as an instructor is loose, expressive and full of spirit!   Please have your own turp pot with lid and container for your brushes.
 $50 deposit holds your place in this popular class!

Session I:  Mondays • May 4 - June 1 (skip May 25)
Session II:  June 8-29

Choose morning or afternoon class:

Mondays • 9:30 am to 12:30 pm
Paint from photo provided by Diana.

Mondays • 1 pm to 4 pm
Paint from your own photo or use one from a.m. group.

Cost is $150 for one session or $250 for two months if you pay at or before your first class.

Paint in France
this summer with Diana.
Enjoy painting Monpazier:
    Space still available --Get brochure
from Larry NOW!

Larry now carries Diana’s favorite brushes—available at 25% off to her students.
Life Drawing
Thursdays - May 7 & June 4 • 9:30 am to 12:30 pm 
Life Drawing with George Allen Durkee of Mountain Ranch

Want to improve your drawing skills?  Draw from a live nude model on Thursday mornings.  No experience needed.  Limited instruction if you want it, or George will stay out of your face if you don’t.  Materials available at Town Hall Arts. You will need an 18x24 newsprint pad and drawing pencils (charcoal or graphite – 4B and/or 6B).  Cost for session is $15.

Day with Carol
Friday, May 8 • 9 am to 4 pm
Carol Earle of Oakdale

Watercolor in the Morning 9 am to noon  
Carol will furnish paint and brushes. Cost is $25

Acrylics in the Afternoon 1 pm to 4 pm  
Bring a blank 16x20 canvas. Carol supplies everything else.  Class cost is $25.

Open Paint Wednesdays
Wednesday, May 13 • starting at 10 am
Open Painting with Field of Poppies in Acrylic

Map out a field of poppies in acrylics with a little more detail in the foreground and neutralized colors in the middle ground. Bring acrylic supplies, canvas, and photos of poppies. You will receive a handout to follow.  Cost of Open Paint Wednesdays is $5, which may be applied toward any purchase that day at Town Hall Arts.

Life Drawing
Thursdays, May 14  • 9:30 am to 12:30 pm 
Beginning Life Drawing with Maggie Sloan
The Twist of the Torso

All human movement starts with the torso; drawing shoulders, rib cage, and hips correctly will breath life into your figures. In this class we’ll learn how to construct the torso, find the centerline of the body, and how to add “twist” to make your figures more active. Special emphasis on measuring and seeing correct proportions will hone your skills for all your artwork.
.  Materials available at Town Hall Arts. You will need an 18x24 paper that is easily erased (not newsprint) and drawing pencils (charcoal or graphite – 4B and/or 6B), kneaded eraser, and a straight stick about 12” long.  We will be working from a live nude model.  Cost of class is $20.
Pastels— Third Saturday with Tina
Saturday, May 16 • 10 am to 4 pm
Pastels with Tina Moore of Stockton

A pastel workshop to help you get the most out of the wonderful medium of pastels will be offered by award-winning artist/instructor Tina Moore.  Tina is a Distinguished Pastellist with the Pastel Society of the West Coast and a Signature member of the Pastel Society of America, the Women Artists of the West and the Sierra Pastel Society.  Learn to put life, depth, and drama in your pastel paintings.  Both experienced pastel painters and those new to the medium will be able to make a beautiful painting with plenty of one-on-one instruction.  Participants can make their own choices regarding subject matter.  The principles apply whether you are painting a portrait, landscape, or anything else.   Bring a photo to draw or still life to set up.  Supply list available from Larry at Town Hall Arts, 785-2050,  Cost of class is $25.
Open Paint Wednesdays
Wednesday, May 20 • starting at 10 am

The Importance of Shapes, Edges, and Symbols in Watercolor

Please bring pictures of barns and trees and your usual watercolor supplies, including paper towels.  You will receive a handout to follow.  Cost of Open Paint Wednesdays is $5, which may be applied toward any purchase that day at Town Hall Arts.

Thursday and Friday, May 21-22 • 10 am to 3 pm

Window Boxes with Martha Wallace of Avery

Come paint 2-4 small Window Box paintings with Martha. Learn how to create textures for walls (wood, brick, stone), simple window boxes overflowing with flowers, colorful awnings, and lace curtains made easy. Supplies includes two to four 1/8 sheets Arches watercolor paper (measures 7 1/2 x 11), your usual watercolor supplies, including paper towels. Martha will provide the simple supplies to create special textures. The finished paintings will mat and frame up 11x14.

Supply List:
WATERCOLORS: Martha uses Daniel Smith watercolors, but any good quality w/c are fine. Colors are as follows: aureolin, cobalt blue, indathrone, new gamboge, organic vermillion, quinacridone pink, quinacridone sienna, rose of ultramarine, quinacridone purple, quinacridone coral, quinacridone gold, ultramarine turquoise, and ultramarine blue.
BRUSHES:  Martha uses good synthetic bushes. Recommended sizes: 1” and or 2” flat brush, rounds #6, #8, #12, brush, #3 rigger, #2 fan brush.
PALETTE: John Pike watercolor palette or any that you have with a large mixing area
PAPER: 140 lb. Arches cold press w/c paper full sheet.
Misc:  drawing pencils, eraser, sketch tablet, drawing board
Cost of two-day class: $100.
Open Paint Wednesdays
Wednesday, May 27 • starting at 10 am
Combining Different Types of Acrylic

Did you know you could customize the drying time of acrylic paints by combining OPEN acrylics with heavy body and fluid acrylics?  Please bring fruit for still life set up (or photo) and any acrylic supplies you have, including paper towels.  You will receive a handout to follow.  Cost of Open Paint Wednesdays is $5, which may be applied toward any purchase that day at Town Hall Arts.

Fundamentals of Art with Peggi Kroll-Roberts of Angels Camp
Thursday and Friday May 28-29 • 10 am to 3 pm
Still Life or Plein Air.  Details to follow.
Cost of two-day class is $100
Four-Value System
Saturday, May 30 • 10 am to 4 pm
Using a Four-Value System in Oils with Judie Cain of Murphys

Using a limited palette, we will mix and use four values to compose a variety of simple compositions.  Even with excellent drawing, compositional skills and masterful color mixing, without a strong value structure holding the painting together, the desired impact often becomes mediocre. 

This class will help build a solid foundation to painters of all skill levels.  Demo, color mixing, application, and handouts.  Cost: $35 per session.

Open Paint Wednesdays
Wednesday, June 3 • starting at 10 am
Brushstrokes in Oil—the Basic Technique of Shading

Using just black and white on a blue support, you will learn how to shade using quick brushstrokes with very little blending.  It will help if you bring a support already painted with middle-tone blue acrylic paint.  Also bring any white objects you have for a still life set up.  You will receive a handout to follow.  Cost of Open Paint Wednesdays is $5, which may be applied toward any purchase that day at Town Hall Arts.
Saturday, June 6 • 10 am to 2 pm
and  Wednesday, June 10 • 2 pm to 3 pm

Stepping Stones with Kathie Peery of Copperopolis

Kathie will provide a pattern and jars and jars of colored glass for your background.  All supplies are included for this project.  Kathie has been doing stained glass for ten years and has expanded into mosaics as a means to use all of the scraps from glass panels.    Class cost: $25.  

Color with Libby Fife of Valley Springs
Fridays, June 5 and 19
This class will focus on two things: sorting paints to make a personal color wheel using pure spectral colors and learning about three basic attributes of color. Participants will learn how to identify and sort colors of their own paints in order to make their own personal color wheel and to gain efficiency while working. The resulting color wheel falls somewhere between a limited palette concept and the palette of a colorist.
Having a personal color wheel allows you to see just what colors you do own (from lots and lots of tubes of paint!) and to see what colors you may still need to purchase. We will also discuss three basic attributes of color: hue, value and chroma. By learning these basic terms, a painter can begin to experiment with manipulating a limited set of variables. Concentrating on one thing at a time repeatedly can help to get the concept down!   Class is appropriate for adults who are beginning to intermediate painters.  Even if you don’t paint every day, give this class a try in order to get inspired!

  • All of your tubes of paint-watercolors or acrylics-chose one and bring them all.  If you paint with oils, that is fine, too, but be prepared with whatever things you need to thin paints or clean your brushes.
  • Appropriate brush (or two) that will allow you to make a larger stroke-maybe an 1” x 2”s
  • Watercolor paper, a piece of paper or mat board about 12” x 12” for making wheel.  Paper towels, a rag or two, scissors
  • Permanent pen like a Sharpie or a pencil is OK too
  • Ruler-12”
  • Tape or glue stick (optional)-You will want to glue your swatches down onto your color wheel. I am using a glue stick.
  • Palette of your choice-white plate or whatever you use when painting.
  • Participant Number: 4 students minimum --6 students maximum. Cost of each class is $20
Open Paint Wednesdays
Wednesday, June 10 • 10 am to 2 pm
One-Drawing-A-Day Exercise  #15 - Mixing Mediums

We will use watercolor, pastel, and colored pencils. You will receive a handout of instructions.  Bring a photo of colorful fruit.  Cost of Open Paint Wednesdays is $5, which may be applied toward any purchase that day at Town Hall Arts.

Fifth Annual Copperopolis
 Art, Wine,& Jazz on the Square
Saturday, June 20 • 10 am to 4 pm
 Copperopolis Town Square

Sidewalk   Sale
  of  local artists’ work!
Open Paint Wednesdays
Wednesday, July 1 • starting at 10 am
Open Painting with Optional Seven-Year-Old Portrait Study

Learn alignment of features on a seven-year-old’s head.  For the drawing exercise, you will use a 2B or softer pencil, Magic Rub eraser, ruler, and drawing paper.  Bring a photo of a child this age, if you have one, to do a painting in the medium of your choice.  Handouts of instructions will be available. Cost of Open Paint Wednesdays is $5, which may be applied toward any purchase that day at Town Hall Arts.
Paint with Diana Boyd in France JULY 21-31
           (not including travel time)
 We invite you to enjoy the elegantly restored eighteenth century farmhouse, Maison d’Alienor, in Southwestern France.  From Maison d’Alienor, it is a leisurely stroll to Eymet, a medieval village where a weekly farmers market has been held every Thursday morning since 1270! 

Ask Larry for brochure today.