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Galerie Copper 

For 2015, Town Hall Arts plans to expand its supplies, framing, and classes, and will be downsizing Galerie Copper a bit.  We still plan to feature artists in the gallery in the future, but not on a monthly basis.  I am happy to say that there is so much talent up here in the foothills that we have featured a different artist each month for five years with no repeats!


Atelier Copper
Classes starting Aug 31st, 2015
Occasionally scheduled class days or times will change, so please check this website regularly.
Please sign up for classes with Larry
or phone the gallery @ 209-785-2050
 A deposit is required to hold your place in most classes.
It’s time for you to MOO -- Monday Open Oils
Monday afternoons 1-4 pm
Mondays, August 31, Sept. 7, 14, 21

Painting Famously Big this Week!

Bring a print of a famous painting and have fun recreating it enormously bigger—nothing smaller than 20x20.  Larry will give a 25% discount on your large canvas for this activity!  Come see if you can duplicate the color and brushstrokes of the masters!

Or, just come paint on your own project with friends on Monday afternoons.  No instruction—bring your own photo to work from.

Enjoy the valuable Critique-Aperitif at 4 pm.  Bring your own art supplies and refreshment to share.  Standing easels provided.  Cost of MOO is $10, which may be applied toward any purchase at Town Hall Arts that day.  MOO is limited to 10 artists, so please sign up by the Friday before.
Open Paint Wednesdays
Wednesday, September 2 • starting at 10 am
Open Painting with Optional Seven-Year-Old Portrait Study

Learn alignment of features on a seven-year-old’s head.  For the drawing exercise, you will use a 2B or softer pencil, Magic Rub eraser, ruler, and drawing paper.  Bring a photo of a child this age, if you have one, to do a painting in the medium of your choice.  Handouts of instructions will be available. Cost of Open Paint Wednesdays is $5, which may be applied toward any purchase that day at Town Hall Arts.
Life Drawing
Thursdays—September 3, 10, 17, 24  • 9:30 am to 12:30 pm
Life Drawing with George Allen Durkee of Mountain Ranch

Want to improve your drawing skills? Draw from a live nude model on Thursday mornings. No experience needed.  Limited instruction if you want it, or George will stay out of your face if you don’t. Materials available at Town Hall Arts. You will need an 18x24 newsprint pad and drawing pencils (charcoal or graphite – 4B and/or 6B).  Cost for session is $15.
First Friday Afternoon Oil Paint-In

Friday, September 4,  1 pm to 4 pm paint,  followed by optional dinner at  Saddle Creek Resort
This is your chance to finish those stacks of half-painted canvases in your closet!  Larry will set up easels and we will paint starting at 1 pm with Happy Hour Critique in the studio at 4 pm, followed by an optional dinner at Saddle Creek Resort.  Please let Larry know by the Wednesday before if you are coming.  Non-painting spouses welcome to join in the TGIF optional dinner.  Cost of the TGIF painting afternoon is $10, which may be applied toward any purchase at Town Hall Arts that day.
Open Paint Wednesdays
Wednesday, September 9 • starting at 10 am
Open Painting with Save That Old Watercolor Painting!

No watercolor painting is hopeless! Here is one way you might save it -- transform it into a cool winter atmosphere with a rice paper overlay.

Bring your old watercolor landscape paintings.
You can purchase a piece of rice paper from Larry.

You might also bring sand and crumpled dry leaves for additional texture.

You will need archival glue and an old brush for the glue. Handout of instructions will be available. Cost of Open Paint Wednesdays is $5, which may be applied toward any purchase that day at Town Hall Arts.
A Day with Carol
Friday, September 11 • 9 am to 4 pm
Carol Earle of Oakdale

Watercolor and Ink in the Morning 9 am to noon  
Carol will furnish paint and brushes. Cost is $25.

Oil in the Afternoon 1 pm to 4 pm  
Bring a blank 16x20 canvas. Carol supplies everything else.  Class cost is $25.
Pastels—Saturday with Tina
Saturday, September 12  • 10 am to 4 pm  
Pastels with Tina Moore of Stockton

A pastel workshop to help you get the most out of the wonderful medium of pastels will be offered by award-winning artist/instructor Tina Moore.  Tina is a Distinguished Pastellist with the Pastel Society of the West Coast and a Signature member of the Pastel Society of America, the Women Artists of the West and the Sierra Pastel Society.  Learn to put life, depth, and drama in your pastel paintings.  Both experienced pastel painters and those new to the medium will be able to make a beautiful painting with plenty of one-on-one instruction.  Participants can make their own choices regarding subject matter.  The principles apply whether you are painting a portrait, landscape, or anything else.   Bring a photo to draw or still life to set up.  Supply list available from Larry at Town Hall Arts, 785-2050,  Cost of class is $25
Life Drawing
Monday, September 14 • 9:30 am to 12:30 pm 
Three-hour pose with Maggie Sloan of Murphys

There will be no instruction with this session, but Maggie will be there to answer any questions. Cost of session is $15.
Open Paint Wednesdays
Wednesday, September 16 • starting at 10 am
Open Painting with Optional Flower Painting on Round Format

Spark your imagination!  Try a round format for your flower.  Round matboard pieces are provided that can be gessoed to use in any medium.  Bring your painting supplies, gesso if needed, and photos of flowers. 

Cost of Open Paint Wednesdays is $5, which may be applied toward any purchase that day at Town Hall Arts.

Sunday afternoon, September 20 • 2:00- 2:30 pm

Town Hall Arts artists will be featured at the KVIE public television auction in Sacramento. 
Tune in to see paintings by the following artists to be auctioned:  Judie Cain, Kitty Davids, George Allen Durkee, Susie Hoffman, Ann Nancy Macomber, and Ruth Morrow. 
Call in a bid and help fund public television!

Open Paint Wednesdays
Wednesday, September 23 • starting at 10 am
Figure Painting in Oil—the Front Torso

Learn to see the shapes of the torso itself, without arms.  You will need your regular oil painting supplies, a small canvas, filbert bristle brushes, and white and black oil paint. Handouts of instructions will be available.  Cost of Open Paint Wednesdays is $5, which may be applied to any purchase at Town Hall Arts that day.
Saturday, September 26  • 9-12 noon and 1-3pm
Pour it On with Ken McBride of Oakdale

Ken returns to Copper for some fun paint play on the square.  In the morning session, we will “pour it on” under canopies on the square.  In the afternoon, we will come inside and learn Ken’s finishing tricks to complete our paintings.  Cost is $45 for the day, which includes all paint and paper.  You will need to bring your usual watercolor brushes and supplies.  $20 deposit, check or cash, saves your spot.

Oil and Open Acrylics
Sunday, Monday, Wednesday • Sept., 27, 28, 30

Sunday: 1-4 pm demonstration
Monday/Wednesday workshop  • 9:30 am to 3:30 pm

Art Workshop with Laurie Snow Hein of Florida

Laurie Snow Hein is well known for her Florida and tropical artwork that captures the moods and beauty of her state and the southern landscape.  Her art is alive with brilliant color, sparkling light and dramatic scenes.
Topics of this workshop include principles of design, how to see value and color effectively, edges and transitions, and other topics if time allows.
Sunday Afternoon:  Introduction and Demonstration
Come meet Laurie and learn a lot!  You may attend this session and then decide to take the two-day workshop.  Cost of Sunday’s session is $50.

Monday:  Bring 2-4 paintings that you are having trouble finishing.  After a short demo on color mixing and theory, Laurie will do another demo on still life or portrait.  The balance of the time will be spent reviewing student work and completing those unfinished pieces.  Be sure to bring a photo of your reference material for each painting, a note pad, sketch pad, and camera, along with your usual oil or Open Acrylic supplies.  A list of Laurie’s colors is available at registration.

Wednesday:  Paint en plein air or from reference photos.  Please bring your own photos.    
This painting workshop is limited to ten students.  Cost of the Monday/Wednesday Workshop is $200.  Six audit spaces are available at $50 a day.  Audits do not paint and will not have individual critiques unless time allows.  They may ask questions and participate in all discussions.

Open Acrylics
Friday and Saturday, October 2, 3  • 10 am to 3 pm
Two-Day Acrylic Workshop in Secondary Colors with
West Coast Traveling Teacher Jim Toenjes

In this workshop, Jim will introduce the simplicity of mixing secondary colors with Golden Open Acrylics to capture the natural hues of light and shadow in any landscape.  Color mixing and practical application will be the focus of the first day.  Plein air experience with these paints will be an option for the second day. This class of 4-8 students is open to all levels of experience.  You will need a field easel, strip palette, canvas boards up to 11x14, palette knife, Golden Open Thinner, and these colors of Golden Open Acrylics (available at Town Hall Arts):  Dioxazine purple, cadmium orange, viridian, Hansa yellow, and titanium white.  Cost of two-day workshop is $100.
Monday afternoons, Oct. 5 to 26 • 1 pm – 4 pm
Oil Painting with George Allen Durkee

George Allen Durkee is a San Francisco street artist turned Northern California landscape painter. He has been a contributing writer for The Artist’s Magazine and American Artist and is author of Expressive Oil Painting - An Open Air Approach to Creative Landscapes (North Light 2009) as well as two instructional videos.

During this oil painting workshop you can get plenty of one-on-one help. George will not only show you the how of painting, but also will explain why, and then help you learn by doing. You’ll receive personal coaching tailored to your current level of development and the painting goals you have set for yourself. To make the most of this workshop, you need some painting experience, but you don’t need to be an expert. You will need a minimum level of drawing skill. We will work from photos provided by George.  Cost of four-session workshop is $150.  A $50 deposit will hold your place.

Open Paint Wednesdays
Wednesday, October 7 • starting at 10 am
Paint Acrylics Like Oils

Use both brush and palette knife to capture a variety of effects with acrylics.  Bring photos of trees, filbert brushes, and painting surface.  Suggested colors are yellow ochre, white, and ultramarine blue. 
Cost of Open Paint Wednesdays is $5, which may be applied toward any purchase that day at Town Hall Arts.
Open Paint Wednesdays
Wednesday, October 14 • starting at 10 am
Composing Landscapes in Pastel

Every good painting begins with a dynamic composition.  Learn several ways to create a visual path to lead the viewer’s eye in and around the painting.  Bring whatever pastel supplies you have and sanded pastel paper (available from Larry).  We will first tone the paper with a diluted wash of ochre acrylic (provided). Cost of Open Paint Wednesdays is $5, which may be applied toward any purchase that day at Town Hall Arts.
Open Paint Wednesdays
Wednesday, October 21 • starting at 10 am 
Analyzing Form on Toned Paper

Learn how to analyze the shapes of shadows and their edges and to record them in terms of value.  You will use two pencils with toned paper to shape the shadows that fall across a form.  Supplies include Conte Sanguine XVIIIe 013 Sketching Pencil, white sketching pencil, Strathmore Velvet Gray Charcoal Paper or Strathmore Toned Tan Sketching Notebook, X-acto knife, sanding pad, kneaded eraser.  You will be given a handout to follow.  Cost of Open Paint Wednesdays is $5, which may be applied toward any purchase that day at Town Hall Arts.
Americana Acrylics
Friday, October 23 • 1-4 pm

Orioles with Carol Earle of Oakdale

Colors for this activity are Lamp Black, Hauser Medium Green, Georgia Clay, Pansy Lavender, Russet, Forest Green, Snow White, Orange Twist, and Yellow Light. 

Cost of class is $25
Kids’ Klub
Saturday, October 24, 10:30 am to noon
October Shoe print Art with Susie

Step into drawing with Shoe print Art!  We will use watercolor, markers, crayons and your shoe to create some exciting October creatures.   Supplies are provided.  Cost of Kids’ Klub (for ages 17 and under) is $5, which may be applied to any purchase at Town Hall Arts that day…like a great mat for your artwork!  Class is limited to 8, so sign up with Larry now.  $5 deposit required at sign-up.

Open Paint Wednesdays
Wednesday, October 28 • starting at 10 am
Big Art -- Small Canvas
 Establishing Depth with Value & Intensity

Where there is a plane change, there should be a color change.  Learn how to use value, intensity and temperature to create the illusion of depth and space in a mini (3” x 4”) oil painting.  Mini canvases and easels are available for sale at THA.  Bring your usual oil or acrylic supplies.  Size 1 and 2 filberts are helpful in mini landscape paintings. You will be given a handout to follow.  Cost of Open Paint Wednesdays is $5, which may be applied toward any purchase that day at Town Hall Arts.
Open Paint Wednesdays
Wednesday, November 2 • starting at 10 am 
Using a blue wash for shadows in Watercolor

Learn how to lay in the shading in vibrant colors in planning your painting.  Bring your usual watercolor supplies and photo with shadows.  Cost of Open Paint Wednesdays is $5, which may be applied toward any purchase that day at Town Hall Arts.