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Atelier Susie
Atelier Susie
Susie Hoffman
Copperopolis, CA





mixed media


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about Susie:


Susie seized the opportunity to take up art after retiring from teaching sixth grade several years ago.  She started in watercolor, but has branched into work in most all media.  She and her husband, Larry, created the art center Town Hall Arts in Copperopolis where she has enjoyed classes by many foothill artists over the last decade.  From pastels to mosaics, she is always eager to learn something new.  She also teaches beginning art in all media and sells her artwork and photographs at Galerie Copper in Town Hall Arts. 


Taking great pleasure in painting with others, Susie fills the calendar at Town Hall Arts with a variety of classes and activities. Artists regularly come from distant towns to paint with friends at Copper Town Square, which has become a hub for artists both in the hills and the valley.  Town Hall Arts moved to a new location on the north side of the square this year, with classes continuing next door in The Courthouse, Copper Town Square’s meeting hall.  Susie has also organized painting trips from Copperopolis to art workshops in France, Ireland, Croatia, and Maine.


Susie has received numerous top awards in shows throughout Northern California.  Her work has been published in several books, covers of art show programs and TV guides, and local newspapers.


You may see Susie’s artwork displayed at Galerie Copper,

Griff’s, and Plaza Skin Care in Copperopolis;

Manzanita Arts Emporium and Tailor Vain Studio

 in Angels Camp;

Lodi Art Center;

 various venues in Sonora;

Wild Rose Gallery in Jamestown;

the Calaveras Arts Council in San Andrea’s;

and at her online shop:

Available Originals
Susie Hoffman
"Are You My Mother?  (Baby Quail)"
12x18 pastel  SOLD-- prints available
printed matted too
8x10:  $12
11x14:  $25
16x20: $49
"Sadie, the Red Hat Lady"
10x10 ink and watercolor  SOLD
prints available
8x10:  $12
11x14:  $25
16x20: $49
"Early Snow"
14x14 oil  $150
12x9 oil  $65
14x14 oil painting  $150
"Winter Morning"
14x11 watercolor  $59
"The Juggler"
8x10 acrylic  $29
"Copper Country"
24x20 watercolor
"You Are My Sunshine"
12x12 watercolor $125
"Five Maids Awaiting"
12x24 oil  $150
24x20 watercolor

"Pumpkins For Sale"
14x11 oil 
Prints Available
8x10:  $12
11x14:  $25
16x20: $49
"Winter Magic"
14x10 watercolor SOLD
Prints Available
8x10:  $12
11x14:  $25
16x20: $49
"Copper Bob"
First Place
Mother Lode Fair 2014
14x14 oil  $150
"O'er the Fields We Go"
20x16 watercolor $125
"Play Ball"
11x14 charcoal
"Season's Greetings"
12x9 watercolor $95
"Summer Dance"
16x16 watercolor  $150
"Christmas Window"
8x10 watercolor $29
"Wonders of Winter"
20x16 watercolor $115