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 Many have asked where we are going on our painting adventure this year.  

How about the coast of Maine?

At end of September—oil or acrylics with Australian Colley Whisson. See the section on the website for registration information and biography info.

To sign up for classes, please contact Larry or call 785-2050

PLEASE scroll down for descriptions and requirements for all classes currently offered.
Atelier Copper
Classes starting April 23rd, 2018
Occasionally scheduled class days or times will change, so please check this website regularly.
Please sign up for classes with Larry
or phone the gallery @ 209-785-2050
 A deposit is required to hold your place in most classes.

A Word about Painting at Town Hall Arts:
Standing easels, table covers, and water containers are provided for students. Please use table covers with acrylics and oils. You do not need to put easels away -- please leave them out for cleaning after each class.

Masking tape, paper towels, rags, pencils, paint, brushes, spray bottles, and table easels are not provided (unless otherwise stated by teacher).  These items are available for purchase.

Please dump acrylic water in the “Acrylic Dump” bucket and not down the sink.  Please plan to wash out your oil brushes at home.  A turp pot is available for used Turpenoid if you do not wish to transport it home.
Oil with Diana
Mondays • 1 pm to 4 pm

Session IV:  April 23, 30, May 7, 14
Session V:  May 21, June 4, 11, 18

Expressions in Oil with Diana Boyd of Sonora

Tried and true right brain methods have made this oil painting class fun and popular. Classes include instruction in painting from upside-down photos, right-side-up still lifes, and timed pieces, using a variety of grounds.  Diana's style both on canvas and as an instructor is loose, expressive and full of spirit!   Paint from your own photo or use one of Diana’s.  Please have your own tape, turp pot with lid, and container for your brushes.  Paint list available at sign-up.  Cost is $150 for a one-month session or $250 for two months.  $50 for one lesson if room available.

Open Paint Wednesdays-- Pastels
Wednesday, April 25 • starting at 10 am  
Bright Underpainting in Pastel

Learn how one artist begins with an undercoat of two to three colors using hard pastels and ten, using a 2” house painting brush, works odorless mineral spirits over the color to set the underpainting.  Bring your usual pastel supplies, mineral spirits, and brush.  Limited instruction from artist participants.    Cost of Open Paint Wednesdays is $5, which may be applied toward any purchase that day at Town Hall Arts.

Life Drawing with Sue
Every Thursday • 9:30 am to 12:30 pm
Life Drawing with Sue Smith of Mokelumne Hill

Sue will be running the Life Drawing Group on Thursdays, now that George has moved to Tuscon.   No experience needed.  Limited instruction if you want it.   Materials available at Town Hall Arts. You will need an 18x24 newsprint pad and drawing pencils (charcoal or graphite – 4B and/or 6B).  Model is Dellamae Jan. 11.  Cost for session is $15.
Oil with Eva
Thursday afternoons—April 26, and May 10 • 1 pm to 4 pm
Oil Painting with Eva Walker of Angels Camp

If you’d like to achieve a more painterly touch to your oil paintings, this class is for you! Eva has studied with Diana Boyd, David Shevlino, Kathleen Dumphy, and Milt Kobiashi.  Class size limited to 10 students.  Class cost is $30.

Oil--Fridays with Heinie
Every Friday • 10 am to 4 pm 

Old Masters’ Oil Techniques with Heinie Hartwig of Soulsbyville

Learn to paint the way the old masters from 1860 to 1900 painted—detailed, yet fast and loose.  You will complete a good-sized painting in this six-hour class.  Paintings will include landscapes, seascapes, still life, abstracts, and barns. Heinie is listed in Who’s Who in American Art and is listed in American and international auction houses.  He paintings hang in museums in America and Russia. 
You may choose your canvas size.  Heinie prefers these sizes for students:  9x12, 12x16, 12x24, 18x24, 5x7, and 8x16.  Heinie will demo the first lesson on 12x16.  Your medium will be a mixture of mineral spirits, linseed oil, and drops of Cobalt Dryer—see Heinie for measurement amounts.  Bring rags, paper towels, turp pot, rounded tip and palette knife.  You will need these brushes: either Princeton or Briston Silver in flats 4, 8, 12, and fan brush size 6, and Princeton Neptune watercolor script brush #6.  Oil paint colors:  ivory black, Permabla white, yellow light, cad yellow deep, cad red light, alizarin crimson, ultramarine blue, cerulean or thalo blue, sap green, cad green, and burnt sienna. Cost is $300 for four lesson, which you may start at any time.

Hovey Artists series features
Susie Hoffman April 3 to May 27
Reception Sunday, April 8
4 pm to 6 pm.
Please stop by!
Hovey Tasting Room,
350 Main St, Murphys, CA

Two Saturdays with Peggi
Practice the fundamentals of design, drawing, value, and color in a relaxed, easy, and fun atmosphere.  Peggi Kroll-Roberts was an illustrator for 17 years before transitioning into fine arts.  She has been a professional fine artist for 25 years and conducts workshops throughout the world.
Saturday, April 28 • 10 am to 3 pm

Beginning Value Study with Peggi Kroll-Roberts of Angels Camp
Cost is $45.  Limited to eight students.  Details to follow.
Open Paint Wednesdays-- Watercolor
Wednesday, May 2 • starting at 10 am
Rose in Watercolor

To achieve a soft, gradual transition from one tone to another, the watercolor artist can choose from a number of different techniques.  An 8x10 tracing is available for this project.  You will receive a handout of instructions.  Bring your usual watercolor supplies.  There can be limited instruction from participating artists.  Cost of Open Paint Wednesdays is $5, which may be applied toward any purchase that day at Town Hall Arts.

Beginning Oil with Susie
Saturday, May 5 • 1 – 4 pm
Little Ragdoll Kitten

Susie will take you through this painting step-by-step. You will need your usual oil supplies--brushes, turp and turp pot, palette, rags or paper towels, 8x10 canvas, and oil paint. Minimum colors:  Cad Red Light, Alizarin Crimson, Ultramarine Blue, Phthalo Green, Cad Yellow Lt., Burnt Sienna, and Titanium White.  Class size is limited to eight, so sign up early.  Cost of class is $20, or $30 if supplies (other than canvas) are provided.

Open Paint Wednesdays--Acrylics
Wednesday, May 9  • starting at 10 am
Red Shed in Acrylics

Focusing on values of the white in the light and shade of this shed will produce the perception of depth.  Besides an 18-step instructional handout, an 11x14 tracing of this drawing will also be available if you would like to use it.  Bring your usual acrylic supplies.  There can be limited instruction from participating artists. Cost of Open Paint Wednesdays is $5, which may be applied toward any purchase that day at Town Hall Arts.

Open Paint Wednesdays--Oil
Wednesday, May 16  • starting at 10 am
Oil Catch-Up Day—Play with Design

Bring those unfinished oil paintings and work on them while learning the one basic rule of composition that is the secret for designing great paintings.  Bring your usual oil painting supplies.  There can be limited instruction from participating artists. Cost of Open Paint Wednesdays is $5, which may be applied toward any purchase that day at Town Hall Arts.

SOP--Saturday Open Pastels
Saturday, May 19 • 10 am

Come share your pastel experience with friends.  Bring your unfinished pastels or start a new one.  There can be limited instruction from participating artists.  Bring or buy your own supplies.  Pictured is pastel painting by Susie.  Cost of SOP is $5, which may go towards any purchase as Town Hall Arts that day.
Open Paint Wednesdays--Pastel
Wednesday, May 23 • starting at 10 am

Harbor Scene.  Details to follow.
Open Paint Wednesdays--Oil
Wednesday, June 20  • starting at 10 am
Painting with Complements

Try a painting using only a pair of complements.  Notice the incredible variety of interesting effects that can be obtained using this limited palette.  Choose one of your favorite photographs or work from example. Bring your usual oil painting supplies. You will be given a handout to follow.  There can be limited instruction from participating artists.  You can also use acrylic paint for this project if you like.  Cost of Open Paint Wednesdays is $5, which may be applied toward any purchase that day at Town Hall Arts.