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Atelier Copper
Classes starting Oct 6, 2018
Occasionally scheduled class days or times will change, so please check this website regularly.
Please sign up for classes with Larry
or phone the gallery @ 209-785-2050
 A deposit is required to hold your place in most classes.

A Word about Painting at Town Hall Arts:
Standing easels, table covers, and water containers are provided for students. Please use table covers with acrylics and oils. You do not need to put easels away -- please leave them out for cleaning after each class.

Masking tape, paper towels, rags, pencils, paint, brushes, spray bottles, and table easels are not provided (unless otherwise stated by teacher).  These items are available for purchase.

Please dump acrylic water in the “Acrylic Dump” bucket and not down the sink.  Please plan to wash out your oil brushes at home.  A turp pot is available for used Turpenoid if you do not wish to transport it home.
It’s time for you to MOO--
    Monday Open Oils
Monday afternoons, October 8 • 1 to 4 pm
Come paint with friends on Monday afternoon!  No instruction—bring your own photo to work from.  Enjoy the valuable Critique-Aperitif.   Bring your own art supplies and refreshment to share.  Standing easels provided.  Acrylic painters welcome.  Cost of MOO is $5, which may be applied toward any purchase at Town Hall Arts that day.  MOO is limited to 10 artists, so please sign up by the Friday before.
Open Paint Wednesdays
2nd Wednesday Acrylics
Wednesday, October 10 • starting at 10 am 
Winter Delight

Learn how to create soft edges and a warm atmosphere in snow.   You will receive an 8-page handout of instructions.  Bring your usual acrylic painting supplies. You will also need a canvas, spritz bottle, and tape and paper towels.  There can be limited instruction from participating artists. Cost of Open Paint Wednesdays is $5, which may be applied toward any purchase that day at Town Hall Arts.

Pastel Drawing with Diana
Thursdays • 1 pm to 4 pm
September 27
Pastel Drawing with Diana Boegel of Sonora

Learn to draw glass with pastel pencils.  Diana learned classical painting (based on artists of the 17th century)  at the David Hardy Atelier in the Bay Area.  This class will offer what Diana has learned and practiced over her years of study.  You will need a 9x12 matboard (available for purchase), a pink pearl eraser, a primacolor kneaded eraser, drawing board, removable tape, and Conté pencils in these colors:  #2144 St. Michael’s Green,  #2156 Sky Blue, #2154 Raw Umber, #2128 Scarlett, #2199 Purple, #2113 White, #2120 Light Grey, #2104 Medium Yellow, #2110 Ultramarine, and #2105 Violet.  You make purchase these in a boxed set from Larry.  Please let him know ahead of time to prepare a box for you.  Cost of one class is $25 or two for $40.

Oil--Fridays with Heinie
Every Friday • 10 am to 4 pm 

Old Masters’ Oil Techniques with Heinie Hartwig of Soulsbyville

Learn to paint the way the old masters from 1860 to 1900 painted—detailed, yet fast and loose.  You will complete a good-sized painting in this six-hour class.  Paintings will include landscapes, seascapes, still life, abstracts, and barns. Heinie is listed in Who’s Who in American Art and is listed in American and international auction houses.  He paintings hang in museums in America and Russia. 
You may choose your canvas size.  Heinie prefers these sizes for students:  9x12, 12x16, 12x24, 18x24, 5x7, and 8x16.  Heinie will demo the first lesson on 12x16.  Your medium will be a mixture of mineral spirits, linseed oil, and drops of Cobalt Dryer—see Heinie for measurement amounts.  Bring rags, paper towels, turp pot, rounded tip and palette knife.  You will need these brushes: either Princeton or Briston Silver in flats 4, 8, 12, and fan brush size 6, and Princeton Neptune watercolor script brush #6.  Oil paint colors:  ivory black, Permabla white, yellow light, cad yellow deep, cad red light, alizarin crimson, ultramarine blue, cerulean or thalo blue, sap green, cad green, and burnt sienna. Cost is $300 for four lesson, which you may start at any time.

Town Hall Arts will be closed 
Thursday through Saturday, October 11-13.
Drawing in Oil with Susie
Monday, October 15 • 1 pm to 4 pm
Drawing and Painting in Oil with Susie

You can do it!  Draw and paint this adorable bear cub.  Great class for beginners.  You will need an 8x10 or 11x14 canvas, brushes, turp and turp pot, palette, rags or paper towels, tape, and oil paint. Minimum colors:  Cad Red Light, Alizarin Crimson, Ultramarine Blue, Phthalo Green, Burnt Sienna, Azo Yellow, Titanium White.  Class size is limited to eight, so sign up early.  Cost of class is $15; $20 if paint and palette provided.
Open Paint Wednesdays-- Oil
3rd Wednesday Oil
Wednesday, October 17 • starting at 10 am 
Start with a Complementary Block-In

Many artists find landscapes difficult because of all the greens.  The complementary block-in is a perfect solution for this kind of situation.  Try starting this barn painting, or one of your own, with a complementary color block-in. Bring your usual oil painting supplies, including tape and paper towels. Handout will be read at 10 a.m. There can be limited instruction from participating artists.  You can also use acrylic paint for this project if you like.  Cost of Open Paint Wednesdays is $5, which may be applied toward any purchase that day at Town Hall Arts.
Life Drawing with Sue
Thursday, October 18 • 9:30 am to 12:30 pm
Life Drawing with Sue Smith of Mokelumne Hill

No experience needed.  Limited instruction if you want it.   Materials available at Town Hall Arts. You will need an 18x24 newsprint pad and drawing pencils (charcoal or graphite – 4B and/or 6B).  Model is Della Mae.  Students and model will determine schedule for future life drawing sessions at this class.   Cost for session is $15.
SOP--Saturday Open Pastels
Saturday, October 20  • 1-4 pm

Come share your pastel experience with friends.  Bring your unfinished pastels or start a new one.  There can be limited instruction from participating artists.  Bring or buy your own supplies.  Pictured is pastel painting by Susie.  Cost of SOP is $5, which may go towards any purchase as Town Hall Arts that day.
Oil with Eva
Mondays 1 pm to 4 pm
October 22, 29, November 19, 26
Oil Painting with Eva Walker of Angels Camp

If you’d like to achieve a more painterly touch to your oil paintings, this class is for you! Eva has studied with Diana Boyd, David Shevlino, Kathleen Dumphy, and Milt Kobiashi.  Class size limited to 10 students.  Class cost is $30.
Open Paint Wednesdays Pastel  
4th Weds. Pastels
Wednesday, October 24 • starting at 10 am 
Sunset on the River

Proper value ranges bring life and luminosity to a painting of sky and water. You will need sanded paper, pastels, backboard, flat wash synthetic brushes --1/4” to 1”, and rubbing alcohol.  We will read from the handout at 10 am. Cost of Open Paint Wednesdays is $5, which may be applied toward any purchase that day at Town Hall Arts.
Young at Art  
Saturday, October 27   1 to 3 pm 
Pumpkin Cards with Susie – watercolor and gouache

 Free for those under 17 or over 70! Have fun creating your own charming pumpkin window cards using both watercolor and gouache. Learn how watercolor can paint itself! If you were born before 1948 or after 2001, this class is completely free for you—all supplies are included. Funding for this class was obtained through silent auctions of local artists’ donated works. Please sign up with Larry by Thursday before the scheduled class. Class limit is eight students. Please cancel if you have registered for the class and cannot make it so the space can go to another person.  If the class does not fill, those in the “middle” are welcome to register for the class Friday, October 26, for a $20 fee, which will go to the Young at Art Program.  $1.50 mats are available for purchase if you wish to frame your card.   
Open Paint Wednesdays Watercolor  
Wednesday, October 31 • starting at 10 am 
Paint Dappled Sunlight on Foliage

The key to catching the mood of dappled sunlight is to keep the eye moving by including a variety of contrasts in shapes, value, color, and textures.  Bring your usual watercolor supplies, including tape and paper towels.  There can be limited instruction from participating artists.  We will start reading the instructions at 10 am.  Cost of Open Paint Wednesdays is $5, which may be applied toward any purchase that day at Town Hall Arts.

Saturday Beginning Watercolor  with Susie
Saturday, Nov. 3  - 1– 4 pm

Project to be announced.
Cost of class is $20, $25 if paint and brushes provided.  Please let Larry know if you need Susie to supply the paint and brushes ahead of time so she can have it all set up.  Class is limited to eight students.  Sign up now.  

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