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Colley Whisson's Biography

Colley is an internationally recognized artist born in 1966 and raised in the northern regions of Brisbane, Australia.  Colley has held over 25 Solo Exhibitions and has had many magazine articles, books, and DVD’s published.

Colley paints to give expression to visual ideas, not copy nature:  “It is not what you paint but how you paint it.”  Capturing light, painting with quick precision to convey the clearest, purest message possible and always striving to put down a loose, spontaneous response, Colley loves to use his brush “like Zorro’s sword, dashing in darks and marvelous highlights will all possible confidence and skill.”
Colley will conduct the workshop step-by-step so you can see him construct a painting from start to finish.  He will then analyze yours, giving you an abundance of insightful information and tailoring an individual program to help assist your lift to the next level.  He is a pleasure to study with, soft-spoken, full of info, attention and most generous with his time.